Ivory Gardens Vol.1 (Loop Pack) [Royalty-Free]

Ivory Gardens Vol.1 (Loop Pack) [Royalty-Free]

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When you need to gather yourself or be reminded of the beauty around you, or share a moment with someone, there's nothing like walking through the landscapes of thoughtfully arranged gardens.   It's peaceful, breathtaking at times, and simply put, beautiful.  Certain piano arrangements can exude those same feelings as if the chords and melodies are taking you by the hand on a stroll to complete serenity.   We tried to capture that feeling in this offering of Ivory Gardens Vol.1. 

This pack includes 15 delicately arranged Piano Loops recorded for artists/producers looking to add some emotionally driven piano arrangements to their productions.   With a good balance of bright and cloudy type arrangements, this piano loop pack has all ranges of emotions covered.   We hope you enjoy. 

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