Licensing Terms

Reel Loops provides drum samples, loops & compositions on a royalty free basis unless specifically stated in the description of the product and/or listed on the cover art of each pack.  When you purchase our packs, you are purchasing a license to use our copyrighted works. Purchasing does not mean you own our products to claim 100% copyright.  You only own the portion you add to our creations. 

When you purchase a royalty free pack it also means we as Reel Loops are not looking to collect any Royalties from any of your published works (you don't owe us any extra money).

As it mostly pertains to our loops and compositions, we only look to be credited as the provider of the sounds in use that belong to Reel Loops and it's partners and be listed as writers/composers of any song you register with your PRO (Performance Rights Organization).  We provide all the instructions on how to do this in each pack that is purchased, with a License Agreement PDF File. 

It's also important to understand each pack is different and as a buyer you are responsible for reading the basic terms of each pack (provided in the description of the product's page).  Some packs are made in collaboration with other composers and therefore have different terms.  Some of these packs are Royalty Free unless used in Sync Licensing.  These packs will specifically state this in the basic terms and will require you to contact us if intended to use in tv and/or film. These products won't be listed as 100% Royalty Free (if it says 100% Royalty Free that means you can use it for anything including Sync Licensing).  If a pack requires clearance, it will be clear in the description and labeled noticeably on the cover art as well. 

We hope this information is clear, helpful, and understandable but if not, please contact us using our contact form if you have any additional questions, thoughts or input.


Reel Loops, LLC.