About Us

Reel-Loops is a full service music production company providing original compositions, sound design products, along with original drum samples and loops. We work on the behalf of content creators, film makers, artist and music producers.  We also do contract work for labels, music supervisors, and music coordinators for original work not available to the general public.  We are continually growing and working hard to provide our customers with real authentic great sounding products. 

When developing our brand, we wanted to create a brand with a name that embodies what we strive to deliver.  Our goal is to deliver, real music with a "reel" touch.  Before we release our products, we put our products to the test.  Especially when it comes to the compositions.  Our products are engineered, mixed and mastered to give our customers the best of what we have.  Depending on the product, we mix our music through analog and digital processing with a variety of outboard gear, software and occasionally we add true analog emulation to get the warmth, saturation, and harmonics only found in analog tape.  Before our product is put online to sell, we test our loops and compositions by reaching out to producers to see what creations can be done with them.  After the trial by fire, we then release our products to the general public as a result of the hard work done prior to release.  We hope our customers appreciate our hard work and we look forward to serving our producer community for a long time.