Pump The Breaks Vol. 1 (Drum Pack) [Royalty-Free]

Pump The Breaks Vol. 1 (Drum Pack) [Royalty-Free]

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When it comes to getting the party started, there's nothing that does it quite like Break Beats.  In was the break beats in the 70's that got the B-boys and B-Girls dancing, that revolutionized the dance floor completely.  In an attempt to pay homage to the DJ that started it all (Kool Herc) we created a pack to help keep the dance floor open and the turntables turning. This pack is for the hip hop heads that want to incorporate that nostalgic groove in their beats or DJ Sets that held the dance floor captive in the decades past.  For those who love break beats and can never really get enough of that sound, we give you Pump The Breaks Volume 1.

This pack includes 33 break beat loops and 73 One shots which is a combined total of 106 samples. All samples were created using a few different recording and design techniques to get the finished results. We used a mixture of live drum recordings, drum synthesis, sample layering and analog mixing and saturation techniques to capture the sound we were aiming for.

We started with the One Shots to obtain all the sounds individually the way we intended and from there we captured the drum programming of the loops in real time.  In addition, we also crafted a few more one shots from the loops themselves due to how a few sounded once programmed together (we encourage you to do the same as well). We believe the outcome of the finished product is unique and meets the quality standards we are striving for.

So whether you're looking for break beats to add to your DJ set or a producer looking to add a nostalgic spice to your beats, we believe this pack is a must have for your drum collection.  Check the details below.

This pack is 100% Royalty-Free

This pack includes:

  • 106 Samples Total
  • 33 Stereo Break Beat Drum Loops
  • 73 One Shots (41 Kicks, 20 Snares, 12 Hi Hats)
  • All Files are in Stereo .WAV format &
  • Compatible with All DAW's.



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