Pump The Breaks Vol. 2 (Drum Pack) [Royalty-Free]

Pump The Breaks Vol. 2 (Drum Pack) [Royalty-Free]

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After a long intermission from crafting our first Drum Pack we are back with another installment of new drum breaks and one shots. We present to you, Pump The Breaks Vol.2. This pack includes 116 total samples with 26 total Drum Breaks and 88 One Shots. We created this in similar fashion as the first installment, with the Hip-Hop Producer/Beat Maker in Mind. Our goal was to create a variety of drum breaks that would be considered out of the box for hip hop breaks, but still feel like nostalgic hip hop rhythms. We tried to achieve this by using a hybrid method of utilizing live drum sample recordings with Electronic drum synthesis and mixed these two concepts with sophisticated drum programming. 

    We believe that we achieved the outcome we were looking for and believe you feel the same.  With these breaks and one shots, you have plenty options to choose from when creating your own drum sequences.  Whether using the breaks as is or chopping up the breaks (which gives you even more flexibility) and rearranging them into a completely new pattern, or using the one shots and creating some breaks from scratch.  However you decide to create, this volume gives you many options to produce any way  you like and make a great addition to your drum sound collection.  Check out the full details below.

This pack is 100% Royalty-Free

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This pack includes:

  • 116 Samples Total
  • 26 Stereo Break Beat Drum Loops
  • 88 One Shots (33 Kicks, 32 Snares, 23 Hi Hats)
  • All Files are in Stereo .WAV format &
  • Compatible with All DAW's.

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