Soul Portraits (Loop Pack) [Royalty-Free]

Soul Portraits (Loop Pack) [Royalty-Free]

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Sometimes inspiration can be sparked by hearing a song, reading a book or watching a movie or show.  Often times, it can be sparked by an Image.  A portrait from a previous event that makes you smile or a picture from the past that conjures up a nostalgic setting embedded in the background of your memories.  If you're someone who looks to be inspired before you create, you might look towards one of these things listed above to activate something in you before you put the pen to pad or the notes to song.  Well, we hope our new loop pack Soul Portraits will help ignite that little bit of Inspiration you need to get the creative juices flowing.  

Soul Portraits is our first complete venture into the lane of melodic loops which has been the direction we've been wanting to go for some time (hence the name Reel Loops).  The vibes of this pack can be described as a taste of modern soul with a dab of nostalgic seasoning sprinkled over top which we think makes a great blend for soulful productions. This pack includes 10 full melodic loops along with their stems (84 Total) provided to give you many options for creating a multitude of beats/productions.  This pack like most of our releases, is royalty-free but requires production credit (You can check out the basic licensing terms Here).  We hope you enjoy the pack and look forward to hearing what you all cook up as the results.

We appreciate you all. 


 Included in Soul Portraits :

  • 10 Original Royalty-Free Melodic Loops(+84 Stems)
  • Labeled by Key & Tempo for All Melodic Loops
  • All tracks are in .wav Format (44.1k)
  • Compatible With DAW's and Samplers where .wav files are supported



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