Stranger Danger Vol. 1 (Composition Pack) [Royalty Free]

Stranger Danger Vol. 1 (Composition Pack) [Royalty Free]

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Inspired by the sounds that fuels the anthems for the Netflix Series Stranger Things, here at Reel Loops we decided to create a similar soundscape of our own.  Using similar retro synths found in the show (like the Roland MS-101, Minimoog Model-D, etc. ) along with other analog synths created in the era of the 80's, we crafted over a dozen stereo compositions that coincide with the dark and colorful sounds found in the show' in our special debut sample/performance pack "Stranger Danger Vol 1."    

In our debut release, we created a pack we consider special.  It's a release that happened organically  as a collaborative effort between our Producer here at Reel Loops and our friend/producer, Caleb J. Middlebrooks which has done work for TV and film (Credits; The show Empire, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and most recently Hustlers Starring Jennifer Lopez). 

When we started creating this pack, we quickly realized that this would not be a 1 time release.  We plan on releasing more in this series as long as the creations are fun, inspiring and organic as this one.  With that said, we want you all to enjoy our first official release and drag these compositions into your DAW of choice and chop them, change the pitch, reverse them, Half-time them, or come up with something creative to make them your own and just have fun with crafting your next hit banger. We look forward to hearing what you all do with them. 

*This pack is Royalty free (unless used for sync licensing), however production credit is required. Please read the PDF that comes with this pack (available upon purchase).

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Included in Stranger Danger Vol 1:

  • 15 Royalty Free Composition Tracks
  • All tracks are Stereo .Wav Format 
  • Compatible with All DAW's



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