Sweet Fusion Vol.1 [Cherry Audio VST Synths - Preset Pack]

Sweet Fusion Vol.1 [Cherry Audio VST Synths - Preset Pack]

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If you're looking for patches that will spark instant inspiration, with face twisting basses, sonic sweeping leads, ethereal pads that make you feel like you're in the clouds, along with Keys, Bells, FX and Arps that will work in any genre, then Sweet Fusion Vol. 1 Is what you need.  This pack is filled with 200+ Presets that will sonically take your production up a notch.  These presets were created with simplicity in mind but vibrant in output.  All you need is any of the Cherry Audio Synth VST's to use them.   

Cherry Audio has recently made some of the most iconic synth VST's based off an assortment of legendary retro synths in the past (which is ultimately why we love them).  They've also made these synths available for a price point that seems too good to be true (Surrealistic MG-1 Plus is actually free). In fact we think they're a steal of a deal and immediately purchased them all.  You can grab any of them Here (The product drop down list will lead you to the list of the current VST Synths available)!

With the purchase of Sweet Fusion Vol.1 you will receive presets for the following VST synthesizers from Cherry Audio:

  • Mercury-4 
  • Memorymode
  • PS-20 Synthesizer
  • Eight-Voice
  • Surrealistic MG-1 plus
  • DCO-106 

We created between 6-8 categories of sounds for each synth (i.e. Arps, Basses, Bells, Keys, Leads, Pads, etc.) to help you create the complete vibe for all your future productions.  And of course, these presets can be used for personal/commercial use in accordance to Cherry Audio's Terms and Agreements.  Our basic terms can be found Here

Sweet Fusion Vol.1 is a little taste of what we plan to provide in our Preset Collection going forward and we can't wait to bring you more.  But for now, enjoy the Sweet Nectar of our First Preset Pack and go create some killer vibes 🎹!


Reel Loops, LLC. is not affiliated or endorsed by Cherry Audio.  All titled VST Synths listed above are copyrights of their respective owners. 

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