Sweet Fusion Vol.2 [Cherry Audio VST Synths - Preset Pack]

Sweet Fusion Vol.2 [Cherry Audio VST Synths - Preset Pack]

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Are you looking for a new set of inspiring patches to take your productions to the next level?  Well, look no further than Sweet Fusion Vol. 2! With the follow up to our revered collection Sweet Fusion Vol.1, this pack is filled with 250+ presets that will ignite your creativity.  SFV2 includes a variety of mind-bending basses, mesmerizing leads, celestial pads that will transport you to another world, and a variety of keys, bells, FX, and arps that work in any genre.

With Sweet Fusion Vol. 2, we selected a lineup of legendary VST synths from Cherry Audio that were not used in the first volume.  From the dreamy and atmospheric DreamSynth to the retro-inspired GX-80 and the powerful and versatile Quadra, each synth brings its own unique character to the table. We also included presets for Elka-X, Miniverse, and Sines to give you even more sonic options.  On top of that as a bonus, we even have presets for the newly released Mercury-6 (which at the moment of this announcement comes out today), which has roughly 45+ patches in this release alone.  So as you can see, for volume two we picked 7 different synths and created presets for these VST's that'll spark instant inspiration just like it's predecessor. 

With the purchase of Sweet Fusion Vol.2  you will receive presets for the following VST synthesizers from Cherry Audio:

  • DreamSynth 
  • Elka-X 
  • GX-80
  • Mercury-6 (Their newest addition)
  • Miniverse
  • Quadra
  • Sines

 Also like with Sweet Fusion Vol. 1, we've organized these presets into 6-8 categories for each synth (with the exception of Quadra) to help you build complete tracks. Whether you're looking for the perfect bassline, lead melody, or immersive pad, we've got you covered. And because we've designed these presets with simplicity in mind, they're easy to use but still produce vivid and dynamic sounds.

To use Sweet Fusion Vol. 2, all you need is any of the Cherry Audio Synth VST's.  If you don't have them already, you can grab any of the synths included in this pack from the Cherry Audio website Here and just like with Sweet Fusion Vol. 1, these presets can be used for personal or commercial use in accordance with Cherry Audio's Terms and Agreements.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Sweet Fusion Vol. 2 today and take your productions to new heights with its collection of awe-inspiring presets for some of the most iconic synths in the industry 🎹!

 Reel Loops, LLC. is not affiliated or endorsed by Cherry Audio.  All titled VST Synths listed above are copyrights of their respective owners. 

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